The Heart Management Book

Why Guarding the Heart is a Key to Thriving Organizations - Launch October 2018


I was visiting our local hospital for a check-up. The nurse asked me what I do and I told her about helping organizations lead change.

She started telling me how on a regular basis, managers and consultants would come in to initiate some new process dealing with the core values of the hospital. The issue was that these efforts never amounted to anything.

A passion to help leaders understand and deal with the direction of their organizations, challenge toxic culture, reclaim purpose and vision planted the seed of this book. We believe this framework can help you bring radical change and build an organization with a healthy Heart, that can go faster and reach further without compromising its integrity.

About the author

Tobias Sturesson has researched and implemented the ethos and strategies of Heart Management for a number of years and has put the framework into practice in a number of organizations. Tobias writes with passion and insight to inform, inspire and challenge you as a reader.

The book will be available on Amazon in print and Kindle version.


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