A Transformative Solution to Organizational Crisis and a Path to Lasting Health

“Remove the Band-Aid” offers an important perspective on how to uncover the root causes of organizational dysfunction and provides practical tools for change. 
A must-read for every leader!”

Frank Blake, former CEO of The Home Depot and current Board Member of Delta Airlines, Procter & Gamble & Macy’s


Right now, countless organizations are taking their first steps towards death.

They may seem highly successful from the outside. But they are suffering from heart disease. Internal conflict, hidden agendas and a growing discrepancy between their inner life, their actions, and their public image are causing a dire lack of trust, an increase in occupational burnout and a loss of engagement.

Throughout the last few years, the Me Too movement, rampant corruption, and numerous scandals, combined with ethical concerns around technological innovation, have rattled global conscience and shaken once seemingly untouchable organizations. Instead of uncovering the root causes, many leaders have attempted to cover them up with PR strategies or purpose statements and corporate values that have served as mere Band-Aids—hiding the symptoms temporarily, but never addressing their underlying reality.

There is, however, a growing movement of leaders who recognize that enduring success is dependent upon the health of their organization’s inner life. That what is being said in a private meeting is as critical as their marketing collateral. That true values are seen, not just through words on the website, but in what is being pursued, prioritized and promoted. They create outstanding clarity, build teams that are one in heart, and ensure consistent integrity. These leaders address underlying heart issues by practicing courageous humility. They develop resilient success.

This book is YOUR guide to uncovering the heart of YOUR organization; remove the Band-Aid, address the heart issues, and build health. Based on research, personal experience and conversations with top leaders in global organizations, Tobias Sturesson outlines the Five Principles of Heart Management, with practical steps on how you can implement this powerful framework in the life of your organization. Not only is it great for the bottom line, it’s vital for humanity.

About the author

Tobias Sturesson is the co-founder of Heart Management and has coached a number of high profile leaders in change, conflict, and crisis. He has dedicated his professional life to helping leaders lead and build organizations that can attain and sustain a healthy heart—an inner life—free from hidden agendas, inner corruption, and hypocrisy. He is convinced that the inner state of an organization greatly influences the lives of employees, customers, and society at large.

The book will be available on Amazon in print and Kindle version. Release Date TBA.


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