A world free from destructive workplace culture

A destructive culture can ruin people's lives and cause great companies to fail. By transforming leadership habits, we help organizations achieve lasting change and cultivate thriving, effective and ethical cultures.

27% trust

Only 27% of customers and 65% of employees highly trust their company - Harvard Law School

One in five

One in five left a job in the last five years because of bad culture - SHRM.

85% fail

85% of culture transformation efforts fail - i4cp.

When culture change is business-critical

"We need our people to speak up and share their dilemmas and learnings."
"We’re growing rapidly and need cultural alignment and increased collaboration."
"We are struggling with patterns of toxic or unethical behaviors."

Companies and organizations reach out to us to align culture and behaviors with their mission, ethical principles, and key objectives, aiming to overcome culture challenges and enhance effectiveness and trust with employees, clients, investors and regulators.

However, they are frustrated with ineffective initiatives, a lack of buy-in, and the perceived complexity of culture, and they seek an impactful and sustainable approach.

Watch our co-founder Tobias Sturesson make the case for why cultural health matters.


A transformative approach

Having helped hundreds of leaders learn to tackle cultural and ethical challenges, we discovered that, just like going to the gym twice a year won’t make you fit, a thriving and ethical culture is not built by short-term initiatives. It requires a change in habits.

Endorsed by leading academics and executives alike, 'You Can Culture' is our actionable guide to four leadership habits that transform culture, told through the lens of Heart Management co-founder Tobias Sturesson’s unique story.



Responsible leadership at a multinational med-tech company


Overcoming a crisis of trust in an international NGO


Making values matter in a large public sector organization


Achieving a more cohesive culture after acquisitions and rapid growth

How we support you

The Culture and Leadership Program

The Culture and Leadership Program offers a tailored, scalable, and evidence based journey to sustainable culture change by developing transformative leadership habits over 12-18 months.

It includes immersive personal reflection, actionable leadership exercises, peer learning, and team activation.

Cultural health assessment

Get an in-depth understanding of your culture and leadership, to know what to keep and what needs to change.

Strategic support

Let us partner with you to help you overcome culture challenges, integrate values and sustain a remarkably healthy culture.

Workshops & keynotes

Immersive and practical workshops, digitally or onsite, to inspire and align your leadership and team around values and cultural health.

Get free resources

Guide to culture change

A 17-page practical six-step guide used by HR, Ethics & Compliance and leaders around the world.

Get buy-in and alignment

A video designed to encourage robust conversations about the business case for culture with your leadership team.

Leading Transformational Change Podcast

Insightful and actionable conversations with leading thinkers, researchers, and practitioners on culture, leadership, ethics, and change.

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