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A call to transform your cultural health

We are experiencing an epidemic of unhealthy culture in the workplace. And the ways companies typically deal with it aren't working. In this Nordic Business Forum talk, Heart Management's co-founder introduces a much more effective way to transform your cultural health.

The power of a healthy culture

We are convinced that all organizations deserve to have a healthy culture — where people are driven by a greater purpose, live their values, are united in their mission, achieve their goals and have a positive impact on everyone who comes into contact with them.

"Only 15% of organizations succeed with their culture initiatives."

Source: i4cp - leading HR research company

From short-term projects to permanent change

Just like with one's physical health, an enduring change to a healthier culture is not achieved through individual events or short-term projects but by starting to regularly do something different and new — by integrating healthy habits.

Four habits to build an outstanding & healthy culture

Based on extensive research, lessons learned from clients, and numerous conversations with researchers and senior leaders in global organizations, we have identified five evidence-based habits that are critical to overcoming the challenges of building a healthy culture.

Our process for developing a healthy culture



In phase 1, we focus on defining a target image to define what the work should contribute. We map & analyze the culture to understand what contributes to success, a healthy culture, and an attractive workplace and what can possibly hinder it.



In phase 2, we engage a working group that can assist in the work. We define real and desired values and behaviors as well as develop your internal capacity to lead culture and value-based work.



In phase 3, we carry out a training effort for all managers and leaders. We mobilize employees by creating forums for learning and conversations about value dilemmas and review how we can integrate the values into rituals, stories & processes.



In phase 4, we measure and follow up on the integration. We continue to apply the new habits you learned and work consistently to build a healthy culture.

How we support you

Culture journey strategic support

Let us partner with you to help you overcome culture challenges, integrate values and sustain a remarkably healthy culture.

The Culture Course

Learn how to overcome culture challenges, integrate values and build a healthier culture through our top rated course for HR, Ethics, Senior Leaders and Consultants.

Cultural health audit

Get an in-depth understanding of your culture and leadership, to know what to keep and what needs to change.

Lead with values

Equip your leaders with skills and habits to lead with values, make better decisions and contribute to a healthy culture.

Workshops & keynotes

Immersive and practical workshops, digitally or onsite, to inspire and align your leadership and team around values and cultural health.

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