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044. Kevin Oakes: How to Lead a Culture Renovation

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that the way we approach culture change isn’t working. Perhaps part of the problem is the term “culture change” itself. This is why Kevin Oakes’ introduction of the term “culture renovation” is making a significant impact.

In this engaging and eye-opening episode, Kevin Oakes, the CEO and co-founder of i4cp (the leading authority on next practices in human capital), and the author of the recently published book, Culture Renovation™, unpacks the strategies and actions that i4cp, through extensive research, has learned are key to successfully renovating culture.

This conversation includes:

07:04 The genesis and meaning of the term “culture renovation”
11:55 Examples, based on in-depth research, of what high-performing companies value when it comes to organizational culture
13:19 The three-phase model – Plan, Build, Maintain – that empowers and equips organizations to renovate their culture
23:48 The science of Organizational Network Analysis and why it’s vital to culture renovation
39:00 Rebuilding trust within an organization in the aftermath of crisis
42:52 Reflections on establishing a co-creation mindset

As CEO and co-founder of i4cp, Kevin Oakes provides strategic direction and vision, and is responsible for the overall operations of the organization. Kevin is a frequent author and international keynote speaker on next practices in human capital and works with business and HR executives on people practices that drive high performance. Kevin is the author of Culture Renovation™, which was published in January 2021. The book acts as a blueprint for senior leaders to positively change organizational culture and details 18 action steps that companies such as Microsoft, 3M and T-Mobile have followed to successfully renovate their cultures.”

Learn more about Kevin Oakes and get his book Culture Renovation: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company”.

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