How culture can contribute to remarkable results and a responsible impact

A video resource designed to encourage robust conversations about the business case for culture with your leadership team.

This 8.5-minute video explores

Why culture is business-critical
Understanding the essence and impact of culture
Why leaders need to take ownership of culture
Why culture is not a project
What it takes to successfully change and improve culture

The video is based on:

Our experience supporting startups, scale-ups, and small, medium, and large organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors in culture change and values integration.

Extensive research and conversations with leading researchers and experts on culture, ethics, and leadership.

Our personal experiences of both toxic cultures and healthy organizations.

The Guide

The video is a perfect accompaniment to our free guide to culture change.


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”Far from the stereotype about corporate culture being something fluffy and fuzzy. This is business.”

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