We at Heart Management are committed to being completely transparent, both in how we operate and how we handle the information we collect about our visitors. Here, we explain how and why we process personal data and cookies on our website, as well as your rights and our obligations towards you, the visitor.

Data Controller

Heart Management is the data controller for the processing of personal data on this website. This means it is our responsibility to ensure that you, as a visitor:

1. Are aware of why and how we collect your personal data.
2. Can make active choices to approve or deny the processing and storage of your personal data (we do not process your personal data without your consent).
3. Can update your information.
4. Can be forgotten from the system, and the information about you is deleted.
5. Can receive all the personal data we store about you.
6. Can request that we export your personal data, for example, in the case of changing service providers.
7. Have your personal data securely stored with us. We do not disclose them to third parties without informing you and obtaining your explicit consent for how and why this occurs.

Personal Data and Cookies

Personal data includes anything that can identify you personally; name, address, social security number, email, etc. In addition to personal data, there are also cookies. Cookies are small files sent to your computer through the browser (unless you disable cookies) when you visit a website. Their function is to gather information about how a visitor uses a website, often to provide customized content. Cookies are somewhat unique as the Swedish Data Protection Authority (which oversees the Data Protection Act in Sweden) has not determined whether they are considered personal data or not.
Even though cookies are not legally considered part of the Data Protection Act regarding personal data, we believe they are so important for your privacy that we treat them as such. And it is crucial that we get to store them for you! Read below for more on why.

Why Does Heart Management Store Your Personal Data and Cookies?

The fundamental idea behind the Heart Management website is to deliver a great experience for our visitors. We want, among other things, to present guides and in-depth information tailored to you as a user of the site. To achieve this, we track how visitors navigate and what information they download. This allows us to later suggest further reading on the specific topic or related areas. Tracking is done using cookies. Of course, you can use our website without letting us store cookies. However, the experience will not be as personalized.

How Do We Handle Cookies?

Cookies are tracked using various trackers, each serving different purposes. In our case, it is solely about offering the visitor a tailored experience of our offerings. We use the following trackers to track and analyze cookies:

- Google Analytics
- LinkedIn Insights
- Facebook Pixel
- HubSpot

Which Cookies Do We Use?

To provide you with a great experience, we work with HubSpot, one of the best systems for Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation.

Here you can see which cookies we use: HubSpot Cookies

How Long Do We Store Cookies?

We store cookies only for as long as necessary for the purpose.

How to Delete Cookies in Your Browser

How you delete cookies from your browser depends on which one you use. You can find guidance through the browser's own interface or website. Here are some common browsers and how to delete cookies in them (click for external link):



Internet Explorer


When Do We Store Personal Data?

Cookies are stored continuously as long as you have approved it. Otherwise, personal data is stored when:

- You download a guide or another file via a form on our site.
- You start a chat.
- In any other way, you provide personal data to us digitally, such as registration for training/event/seminar, via contact forms, etc.

Giving/Withdrawing Consent

We only start processing your personal data and cookies after you have approved the handling and the purpose behind it. You can prevent further storage of cookies and delete already stored cookies through your browser. The process varies depending on the browser, so we refer you to your browser's help section to find the right way.
To download our guides, you must agree that we store your data to suggest further reading in the area. You can unsubscribe from the mailings at any time through a link in the email. You can also update your sending preferences through the link in the email. If you unsubscribe from further mailings, your personal data will be removed from our system. You can also email us at [email protected].

Updating Your Information

To update your personal data, you just need to email us at: [email protected].

Being Forgotten

To have your data deleted from our systems and records, you can notify us at [email protected].

Getting Your Data Disclosed and/or Exported

To find out which personal data we have stored about you and to potentially export them to a new provider, you can notify us at [email protected]. We will promptly send you all the information we have stored.

Third-Party Information

Your personal data is safe with us. We neither sell, exchange, nor transfer them to external parties.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about how and why we handle personal data & cookies, feel free to contact us directly at [email protected].