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The resources and training you need to get buy-in,
drive culture change, and make values matter!

Your guide to culture change

A 17-page practical six-step guide used by HR, Ethics & Compliance and leaders around the world.

Get buy-in and alignment

A video resource designed to encourage robust conversations about the business case for culture with your leadership team.

Free webinar: A More Effective Approach to Culture and Values in 2024

The Leading Transformational Change podcast

Every other Thursday we post insightful and actionable conversations with leading thinkers, researchers, and practitioners on culture, values, ethics, and transformational change.

5 tips from the podcast

Ep. 068: Culture Lessons from a Fortune 50 CEO

With Frank Blake, fomer CEO of the Home Depot.

Ep. 064: Trust - How Companies Build It, Lose It & Regain It

With Professor Sandra Sucher, renowned trust researcher at Harvard.

Ep. 057: A Culture of Speaking Up and Listening Up

With Professor Megan Reitz, co-author of Speak Up.

Ep. 035: Why Culture Change Isn’t Working

With Professor Ed Schein, the father of modern culture research.

Ep. 076: Creating a Culture of Responsible Leadership at a Multinational Medtech Company

With Ethics & Compliance executives Michaela Ahlberg and Anna Romberg.

Get world-class training through The Culture Course

Learn how to drive culture change, integrate values, and build a healthier culture through our top-rated course for HR, Ethics & Compliance, leaders, and consultants.

Next course: May 8-22 2024 // Early Bird 900 EURO

"This course gave me a fantastic foundation to take the work of culture and values further and make it a reality in our organization."

Jessica, Global HR Manager, Modelon

The You Can Culture Book

Tobias Sturesson combines his unique personal experiences with extensive research to present four timeless habits that foster a healthy, thriving workplace culture. This book offers 12 practices, complete with introspective questions and actionable tools, making it a vital resource for any leader aiming to grow their leadership and make their workplace thrive.
Launching in October 2024

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