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You Can Culture by Tobias Sturesson

In the pursuit of performance and reputation, it’s tempting to overlook the actual health of your organizational culture. Before long, however, ominous symptoms often emerge—disengagement, division, dysfunction, silence, and destructive behavioral patterns—hindering you from delivering on your mission and strategy and eroding trust with your team, clients, and other crucial stakeholders. But there is a better way.

Having personally endured the devastating effects of growing up in a toxic cult, Tobias Sturesson committed his career to helping large purpose-driven organizations overcome their most daunting culture challenges. On his quest, he made a crucial discovery: that, just like our physical health, achieving a thriving culture requires a change of habits.

Drawing from his extensive experience and in-depth interviews with numerous renowned researchers, experts, and executives from well-known organizations, Tobias has identified the four most crucial and timeless culture-building leadership habits.

You Can Culture is your meticulously researched guide to these habits, laid out in twelve actionable practices. Suitable for managers and executives alike, You Can Culture empowers you to strengthen trust, transform your culture, be a values-based leader, and leave a lasting legacy of positive change.


About Tobias Sturesson

Having grown up in a religious cult and later confronted its toxic culture, Tobias Sturesson evolved into a prominent advocate for the vital importance of cultural health for organizational success and human flourishing. His advice is sought-after by leaders facing their most daunting culture challenges, whether navigating rapid growth or dealing with the fallout of a highly publicized scandal.

As the cofounder of Heart Management, a culture change agency, he has designed high-impact culture and leadership programs and trained thousands in values-driven leadership globally. His clients include many purpose-driven large corporations and organizations. Tobias hosts the top-ranked Leading Transformational Change podcast, featuring biweekly conversations with renowned researchers, executives, and experts on culture, management, and ethics.


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