Heart Check

A diagnosis of what is setting the direction of your organization and what hinders health, clarity, alignment and momentum. Empowering you to create a strategy for change.


Organizations in any sector. For the whole organization or a specific division.


When an organization sees a need for change in order to build health and achieve its purpose and goals, it often launches efforts that do not truly address the root cause of the issues. Just as our bodily systems are connected and one diseased system might impact another making it appear to be the root issue, the same can be true in an organization. Therefore, we take a broader view by looking at the beliefs, values, motivations, purpose, vision and mission that direct the organization. We go beyond the written statements to the actual state of the Heart and look at how the Heart is expressed through the leadership, culture, organizational conversation and story.

The process involves the leadership and other stakeholders in the organization. The end result is a comprehensive report that creates clarity of healthy and unhealthy areas in the Heart. The findings are presented to your leadership team. The aim is to enable you to use your resources wisely by addressing the right issues and going deep enough to achieve lasting change.
We adapt the process to the specific conditions of your organization.

Heart Change

A change process focused on helping your leadership deal with what hinders clarity, alignment and momentum. Building the urgency, leadership coalition and the vision for change needed to go from words to action.


Organizations in any sector. For the whole organization or a specific division.


70% of all change efforts fail tragically. The cost to organizations is immense, both in financial terms and in loss of trust among employees/volunteers. In many organizations, people have become cynical about change and have learned that the aspirational language of vision and values don’t lead to any concrete results. An organization that cannot effectively lead internal change will sooner or later become irrelevant to its stakeholders.
We help leaders transform change processes from words to actions. The pressure facing most senior leaders in the day to day strategic decisions might make it nearly impossible for them to keep focused on the change process over a longer time. We help you stay focused and to know which step to take next, performing new diagnoses over time to verify if the desired outcome has been achieved or not.

We aim to serve you with love for the vision and the people involved, respect for the specific history of your organization and a keen eye to see where the status quo needs to be challenged.
We adapt the process to the specific conditions of your organization.

Together we:

Create a powerful sense of urgency.
Boldly address unhealthy attributes.
Create a clear vision of needed change.
Challenge structures that work against it.
Create alignment - helping stakeholders move from being aware, to understanding, to believing in, to starting to take transformative actions.

Start with a healthy heart

Start with health and set the best possible foundation for the future of your startup. With a set direction, founded on a clear purpose, you will be ready to communicate with clarity and scale-up.


Start-ups / New organizations


We identify Core Beliefs, Core Values, Core Motivations, Purpose, Vision and Mission, based on what is in the hearts of the founders. We analyze areas of weakness that could possibly take your organization off course in the future. We create clarity, define a communicative strategy that enables you to share the organizational Heart and create alignment with future stakeholders, as well as engaging the right prospective clients or investors. We adapt the process to the specific conditions of your organization.

”Involving Heart Management Consulting helped my co-founder and I dig deep into ourselves and into the core values that now signify both us as individuals and our company. It has helped us stay together through thick and thin and build a corporate culture that we can all be proud of. Understanding the Heart has been vital, both for me personally and for our business. It permeates all our activities today”.

Heart Management Workshop

Get your organization inspired and challenged to attain a healthy Heart. A wise investment into the future success of your organization.


Any organization in any sector


The workshop can be focused on Heart Management from a wider perspective or a specific aspect that is particularly relevant to your organization. However the setup, we are careful to frame the message based on the specific conditions and challenges that you as a leader define.

We always aim to take people on a journey that will create understanding and urgency and not allow them to remain the same. We adapt the workshop to the specific conditions of your organization.

Offered in 2-hour, half-day or full-day versions.
Highly interactive, engaging and practical.

“We were mightily impressed by their commitment and ability to understand, explain, involve and lead the process all the way to concrete results”

Klas JohanssonEqumeniakyrkan, 67.000 members.

“By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find any better team!”

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