Siobhan McHale is the author of The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change and EGM People, Culture & Change at DuluxGroup. She has worked across four continents, helping thousands of leaders to create more agile and productive workplaces. She led a radical seven-year change initiative at ANZ that transformed it from the lowest-performing bank in Australia into one of the highest-performing and most admired banks in the world. Professor John Kotter used her work with ANZ as a Harvard Business School case study designed to teach MBA students about managing change.

In this episode, Siobhan shares her insight into organizational culture as not merely the sum total of espoused values and individual behaviors, but as hidden agreements, patterns, and roles, where the focus should be on the “dance” itself, not only the individual “dancers”,

It will help you understand and develop your culture in the midst of the crisis.

Siobhan also shared some great insight into how HR leaders can encourage senior leadership to take organizational culture change seriously.

Learn more about Siobhan McHale and her book The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change.