Carolyn Taylor is the co-founder of Walking the Talk, a global culture consulting firm, and she is globally recognized as the most experienced consultant and speaker on how to change corporate culture, having personally worked with over 100.000 leaders and helped lead over 200 culture change journeys in 35 countries. Carolyn is the author of Walking the Talk, a best selling book on culture change and values-based leadership. Robert Joss, Dean Emeritus, Stanford Graduate School of Business calls it “An indispensable handbook”

In this episode of Leading Transformational Change, Carolyn helps us understand what it truly means to be a values-driven leader and organization. How true values require sacrifice and how a crisis can put us in front of some of our most challenging values dilemmas and give insight into our organizational culture. Carolyn highlights why it’s vital for us to distinguish between climate (typical employee engagement questions) and culture when we assess the state of our organizations.

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