Richard Bistrong shares his story – from being a successful Vice President at a Law Enforcement and Defense company to being sentenced for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, going undercover for the FBI, and finally to prison.

Today Richard speaks and advises leaders, HR, and compliance professionals on ethics and compliance challenges.

Tobias Sturesson talks to Richard about:

  • How leaders and organizations need to navigate the tension between the pressure to succeed and the pressure to comply.
  • How we can make the values on the wall operational in the business.
  • Why we should encourage conversations about real-world ethical dilemmas.
  • Why middle managers have a crucial role in whether the message and culture of ethics will be amplified, distorted, discarded, or discounted on the front-lines.

As the CEO of Front-Line Anti-Bribery, Richard consultants and speaks on bribery, ethics, and compliance issues at institutions such as the World Bank, The International Anti-Corruption Academy, and global multinationals.

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