How do you overcome your ethical blindspots?

Ann Tenbrunsel, Professor of Business Ethics at Notre Dame, has researched why we believe we are more ethical than we are, why that is a serious problem for every organization, and what we can do about it.

This is vital for every organization that wants to lead with values.

On episode 26 of the Leading Transformational Change podcast, Tobias Sturesson talks to Ann about:

-How ethical fading can remove ethics and corporate values from the decision making process.

-Why we need to dispel the myth of being a “good organization”.

-How we often put too much trust in our formal system – our corporate values or codes of conduct, and overlook the informal system that has ten times more influence on observed misconduct.

-How whatever your employees perceive to be what’s rewarded in your organization will ultimately drive behavior.

-How moral licensing can make us hide behind a noble mission or good values and, as a result, become more open to unethical behavior.

-Why and how we can assess our leadership and organizations to get a better understanding of how ethical we really are.

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