What distinguishes a great culture, and how do we achieve it?

How can we avoid hiring narcissistic leaders that corrupt culture?

Jennifer Chatman, Paul J. Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management at Berkeley Haas School of Business and a world-renowned corporate culture researcher, has focused her career on how leaders can leverage culture for business impact.

Recently she also published a highly publicized study on the destructive impact of narcissist leaders on corporate culture.

On Episode 27 of the Leading Transformational Change podcast, I talk to Jennifer about:

  • Why culture needs to be strong, strategic, adaptive, and healthy.
  • The three keys to distinguish between visionary and narcissist leaders.
  • How narcissism hurts culture and how to heal it.https://haas.berkeley.edu/faculty/chatman-jennifer/
  • The 4C’s that can create a great culture.
  • Why leaders cannot abdicate their culture responsibility.
  • How to continually assess your culture.

Read more about Jennifer Chatman and her research.