They were in a state of deep shock.

How could something so shocking happen in Germany’s largest corporation, and to one of its most iconic brands?

On episode 28 of the Leading Transformational Change podcast, I have the privilege of speaking with Hiltrud Werner about Volkswagen’s journey from shock – to shame – to change, after the diesel emissions scandal.

Hiltrud is head of Integrity and Legal Affairs and a part of the Volkswagen Management Board.

We talk about:

– Why it was vital to make the whole organization take ownership and not merely blame a few bad apples.

– How Volkswagen is working to create a speak-up culture, and why they needed to rethink their hierarchical model to decrease the distance between employees and leadership.

– How to drive change in a global organization with more than 600.000 employees.

– How the self-image at the company had to change to be willing to listen, learn and change, and the importance of practicing courageous humility.

– How they developed an Integrity Index to assess change and success.

– Why compliance doesn’t have a finish line.