“The tragedy is that so many managers get told that you mustn’t show weakness, that you should always be in control – this is just nonsense in today’s world, and yet we continue to teach it.”

Tobias Sturesson invites Ed and Peter Schein to join him for this episode on The Leading Transformational Change podcast. During their engaging conversation, Ed and Peter share how we can build more healthy cultures and trusting relationships through humble leadership and humble inquiry. Be inspired by their insights into why we should stop talking about culture change, how we can build more human workplaces, and what really shapes culture.

Their conversation includes:

03:28 Key insights that have had the biggest impact on how they think about culture
18:55 Daily behaviors of leaders that are critical in shaping and embedding culture over time
23:25 “Level Two” relationships between leaders and followers, and the humble leadership approach
36:28 What humble inquiry looks like and why it is the remedy for a lack of psychological safety
43:39 Strategies that leaders can employ to avoid initial defensive reactions to employee feedback

Ed Schein is Professor Emeritus at MIT School of Management and is the 2012 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Leadership Association. Peter Schein is the co-founder and COO of the Organizational Culture and Leadership Institute in Menlo Park, CA. Prior to that, Peter was a strategy and corporate development executive at large and small technology companies in Silicon Valley. Ed and Peter’s latest book, Humble Inquiry 2nd edition, is an international bestseller.”

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