“The fact that we have created contexts where so many everyday behaviors are seen as requiring courage, says a lot about the kinds of environments we have created – and it’s not positive.”

Our conversation focuses on how we can learn to be competently courageous in our workplaces, but also why leaders should never encourage courage but instead create an atmosphere where speaking and standing up is the safest thing in the world.

Their conversation includes:

21:50 The perceived risks that often hinder people from choosing courage
36:15 Practical ways that leaders and HR professionals can create safe environments that enable people to speak up
41:31 The concept and five strategies of being “competently courageous”

Jim Detert is the John L. Colley Professor of Business Administration in the Leadership and Organizational Behavior area at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business Administration and a Professor of Public Policy at the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. Jim’s research focuses on workplace courage, improvement-oriented voice (why people speak up or stay silent at work), ethical decision-making and behavior, and other leadership-related topics. He is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, and the author of the book Choosing Courage: The Everyday Guide to Being Brave at Work, published by Harvard Business Review Press.

Learn more about Jim and get his book: Choosing Courage: The Everyday Guide to Being Brave at Work